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Chayoobi Nigeria Limited specialises in supplying and delivering refined petroleum products, providing oil field equipment and tailored engineering services as required by our clients.

We are committed to applying our expertise, drive for excellence and transparency to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

We take pride in our technical capacity to provide equipment and man power both on-shore and off- shore. Our internationally trained staff and state of the art equipment have allowed us to gain 100% customer retention.

Our Services

Technical services

Oil spill cleanup & remediation

We provide land and ocean oil spill clean-up & remediation. We have rendered various clean-up/remediation projects services to reputable clients in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Some of the project sites include swamp and land locations with hydrocarbon contamination at varying depths. Our projects also involve shoreline clean-up and systematic mangrove vegetation cleaning. We offer the safest and most cost-effective remediation services for the cleanup of oil spills, returning hydrocarbon contaminated areas to their natural environmental state.

Vessel supply

We provide tailored marine solutions to our clients. Our approach is providing a fit for purpose solution – whether that’s with our own fleet, modifying our vessels or chartering third party vessels – we find the best technical solution and maintain our fleet to offer easy transportation from the market to our clients at minimal cost.

Our Services

Petroleum products delivery

Oil well services

 We provide solutions for common oil well needs including the supply of quality diesel for machinery and vehicle operations, facility maintenance and various vessel support for offshore operations. We perform well workover and intervention by maintaining procedures performed on an oil or gas well before and after the well has been completed and production from the reservoir has begun. Our services enhance the well productivity. We have an excellent team of engineers who are capable in keeping our clients well working at its peak.

Waste management & disposal

We undertake waste management services engineering the elimination of site waste in the safest and regulatory approved manner. Our TDU (Thermal Desorption Unit) allows us completely to destroy waste and hazardous material in an ecofriendly way.

Diesel delivery

You are assured quality diesel and prompt supply with us. We deliver diesel directly to your jobsite, truck fleet or vessel fleet so that your operations stay fueled up and on-line. We deliver premium-quality diesel fuel 24/7, following the highest standards of safety from our expert-trained team.

Gas delivery

We are reliable and efficient in gas delivery to both residential and commercial clients. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of delivering top quality gas and also, excellent customer service. Our gas delivery services include:     

* LP Gas (cooking gas) in various volumes.

* Site installation services.

* Home delivery of products and services.

Petrol filling station

Our downstream arm extends to owning and operating petrol stations. We offer nothing short of the very best petrol, diesel and lubricants for automobiles. We provide economic value and offer the best prices to our clients. Customer satisfaction is always our topmost priority.

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